Earn In Dollars with UX/UI Design: The Most In-Demand Skill for Today’s Market

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Course Outline

 Learn Design Basic

      1. How designs are created (Overview)
      2. What mistakes beginners do?

General Overview of how the software works…

What is the difference between UI and UX?


      1. User Research
      2. Competitive Analysis (Template provided)
      3. Observation


        1. Design Strategy
        2. Problem Statement
        3. Persona(Template provided)
        4. Empathy Mapping (Template provided)
        5. Journey Map (Template provided)


        1. Brainstorming
        2. User Flow (Template provided)
        3. Evaluation
        4. Info Architecture


          1. Low- Fid Wireframe
          2. Mid-Fid Wireframe (Figma Essentials)
          3. High-Fid Wireframe Prototype

      How to Make Responsive Web Design?

      Guide to make your Portfolio – (Template provided)

      How to find jobs and how to apply on Upwork jobs?

      (Template provided)

      Golden Tips

        What Will be the Benefits?

        All Practical Work

        Gain hands-on experience through practical exercises and working on real projects, allowing you to apply your skills directly and enhance your proficiency in UX/UI design.

        Build your Portfolio

        Build a stunning portfolio showcasing your design expertise, highlighting your projects, and impressing potential clients or employers with evidence of your capabilities.

        Free Figma Templates

        Get free templates for each step of the design process, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time as you create intuitive interfaces and captivating user experiences.


        Free Professional CV

        Get a free professional CV template specifically tailored for UX/UI designers, giving you an edge in presenting your skills and experience when applying for job opportunities.


        Ways to find Jobs

        Discover effective strategies and valuable resources to find job opportunities in the UX/UI design industry, including job boards freelance platforms.

        Golden Tips

        In the end, you will be given some golden tips which will help you to minimise your effort in UI UX and save your valuable time.

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